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The Consulate General of India, Sydney, along with Study NSW and the Australian-Indian Sports Educational and Cultural Society (AISECS), organised an event at the Consulate General of India, Sydney, for all international students in NSW. The event exclusively revolved around care, connection, and community and was appropriately named the same.Students got the opportunity to network and connect with government representatives and fellow students, creating lasting bonds and expanding their network within the community. Dr. S. Janakiraman, the honourable Consul General of India in Sydney, took time out of his busy schedule to address the students. During his address to the students, he reaffirmed the consulate’s commitment to assisting any international students in need. He kindly invited the students to visit the embassy anytime and urged the students to register themselves with the Consulate General of Sydney so that officials might contact them if needed.The event aimed at helping students gain insights into the invaluable support services offered by the NSW Police and Surf Life Saving, ensuring their safety and well-being. Representative from NSW Police, who started by assuringstudents NSW Police is always available to help them and urged the students to download the “Emergency Plus app” that instantly calls the police in case of any emergency. Mr. Mike Anderson, the Multicultural Community and Youth Education Officer from Surf Life Saving NSW, was also present at the event to teach caution to the international students while visiting the beaches. He urged students to learn to swim, as this is one of the most essential life skills. He further advised students to only swim at the beach between the red and yellow flags raised by beach safety workers.

Students got the opportunity to hear firsthand from the university vice chancellors about how they are dedicated to supporting students and fostering scholarship opportunities for their academic success. Professor Patricia M. Davidson, the Vice Chancellor of the University
of Wollongong, addressed the international students. She started by emphasising the Indian community’s contribution to the University of Wollongong. She acknowledged the challenges of living in a foreign country and shared an anecdote about her time abroad. She further acknowledged the achievements of two brilliant Indian students at the university, who also accompanied her to the event. Mr. Colin B. Grant, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Global UNSW, started his address by encouraging students to participate in various co curricular and extracurricular activities in addition to their academics. He acknowledged the challenges of settling in a foreign country while recalling his first time in Australia as an immigrant.

Mr. Maurice Newman, the former Chancellor of Macquarie University, began his address to the students by noting that he had the opportunity to attend Mr. Narendra Modi’s political rally in Sydney last year. He praised Mr. Modi’s work and ambition for India and further noted that he had had a had a number of talented Indians over the course of his life.Students received expert guidance that provided the tools needed to thrive as international students. Mr. Toshi Kawaguchi, the Director of International Education and Study NSW, addressed the students. In his remarks, he discussed several welcoming programs arranged by Study NSW to welcome all international students. He asked students to register with Study NSW to receive frequent updates on events concerning international students. For students interested in working part-time, he directed them to the Study NSW portal, where they may apply for positions with organisations that are eager to hire international students.

Mr. Simon Taufel, the former ICC Cricket Umpire and founder of Integrity Value Leadership Partners, emphasised in his address the need to be committed to their job and studies while maintaining character. He exhorted students to be leaders, citing the example of cricketers such as Mahender Singh Dhoni, who devote their victories to the team while bearing complete responsibility for their failures, something only a true leader can accomplish. Ms. Yojana Pareek, the Director of Sterling Migration and Education, congratulated students for making it this far in her address. She further informed me about the services their company provides to international students. Mr. Gurnam Singh, the founder of the Australia-India Sports Educational and Cultural Society (AISECS), in his address, urged students to make the most of their time in Australia and create a strong basis for their future careers. Mr. Singh recalled his time as an overseas student in Australia. While concluding, he discussed how hard work and persistence are essential for success.The student participation was outstanding and, the event was a success. Students were seen stating that they were satisfied with the information imparted and the event served as an excellent introduction to start their journey in NSW. Refreshments were offered as a pleasant touch, giving students a chance to mingle with all of the event dignitaries.

Written By: Yashika Sharma

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