Gurnam Singh

Our Founder

Gurnam Singh, the founder of AISECS had humble beginnings in India.

As profoundly said by someone “Sometimes it's the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.”

Gurnam’s work is an epitome of this reality. His journey of arriving in Australia as young international student caught between loneliness and disconnection, to his evolution and emergence as a dynamic social entrepreneur, that conveys a sense of togetherness and positivity, solidarity, and homeliness.

He works at the intersection of business, politics, and sports, all driven by the robustness of COMMUNITY and their shared stories. He thrives on the fact, that community is the architect of new ideas and the implementers of new realities. They dream of worlds that do not yet exist, and they forge a path to lead us there.

“Connecting with Community” is Gurnam’s competitive advantage. His life mantra is “We need each other.” A consummate networker with involved engagement with stakeholders at federal and state governments, Gurnam believes “It’s about connecting people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities, to make things happen. All you must do is just reach out.”

Be it business or be it politics, connecting with communities’ help create effective processes that simply get things done faster. And that investment in bringing people together has birthed AISECS, Australian Indian Sports Educational and Cultural Society. As a doer, Gurnam’s vision is to match his experiences in Australia with his understanding of India. That is where he blends sports, culture, and education to portray the holistic and cross-cutting nature of AISECS as a platform to promote cultural exchange and dialogue, to influence and inspire, and to create impact between Australia and India.

The choice of these sectors is strategic, as it sits at the very core of community participation and are also identified as key priority sectors of engagement for bolstering bilateral ties in Australia’s India Economic Strategy Report 2035. Gurnam utilises his compelling strength to multiply the gains in these flagship sectors for both countries. His key achievements reinforce this approach –


  • Since 2016, Gurnam is the Community Ambassador of Cricket Australia, founder of World Cricket Fans, and a member of various sports led advisory boards where he is extensively involved in branding, marketing, and campaigning - particularly enabling community engagements. He has also meticulously involved himself in the backend operations of the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup.
  • Gurnam is the founder of Australia’s largest Indian Cricket Fan Club named ‘Swamy Army’ and has attracted significant attention across Australian mainstream media platforms for wearing tri-colour turban during the matches.
  • Gurnam has been supporting McGrath Foundation since 2009 through fund raising, aimed towards helping the breast cancer survivors. He mandatorily marks his presence at the pink day Test Match every year wearing pink turban and outfit to raise awareness for this special cause.


  • Gurnam associates closely with the NSW Police, he has played an integral role in organising cricket and beach soccer tournaments between NSW Police Officers and the International Students community with the sole aim of fostering positive relationship. Under his guidance, AISECS also organizes informative sessions for newly arrived students with NSW Police to boost multicultural awareness. Gurnam’s incredible work to promote involvement across communities has also been honoured with Community engagement award.
  • Hundreds of international students, not limited to India, have benefited from AISECS’s social service programmes, especially during the Covid-19 crisis.
  • Gurnam has been instrumental in organising community engagements for several politicians. He continues to provide strategic advice to community led political and business outreach initiatives in Australia.


  • In 2020, Gurnam became first proud Indian- Australian Sikh to speak at the prestigious TEDx platform. As a trusted adviser Gurnam’s focus has been on enabling the government to connect with diverse communities, promoting multiculturalism and spearheading events that build connections and foster opportunities.
  • In 2019, Gurnam was invited to represent Australia in International Sikh Youth Conference in India and was honoured by His Excellency Ram Nath Kovind, President of India.
  • In 2016, Gurnam had raised over $50000 AUD by auctioning his own celebrity signed Cricket Bats and memorabilia at Khalsa Aid- an International NGO fundraising event in Sydney and Melbourne.
  • Since 2015, Gurnam has been part of the Sikh Regiment in Australia and participates in ANZAC Parade every year to pay tribute to the sacrifices of the fallen who have served in Australia’s military forces.
  • In year 2014, Gurnam took initiative of conducting final prayer service named ‘Antim Ardas’ for Phillip Hughes on his sudden demise in Sydney Cricket Ground.
  • Same year, he had participated in Celebrity Cricket Match along with NSW Police, NSW Ambulance, NSW Rural Fire Service, Brett Lee, and Glen Mc Grath at Emergency Services Mega Bash and raised funds to support the Sydney Children Hospital.
  • Gurnam is also a known fashion icon and stylist amongst the community and an ambassador of multiculturalism in Australia. His flamboyant sartorial choices celebrate his love for both countries.
  • Gurnam also spends considerable time and energy in leading AISECS’ efforts towards philanthropy and fundraising.

His well networked and long nurtured associations with people across diverse sectors and his high impact work, has recently led him to initiate a business venture. Early 2021, he has co-founded an Australian rideshare company, DinkumRide that is focused towards creating employment opportunities for the pandemic affected people and is aimed at boosting domestic economic growth.  His social entrepreneurship led business model is inspiring, providing 85% of every fare to the drivers and contributing 10% of its profits to the social cause of homelessness across Australia.

Key capabilities

  • Entrepreneurship (Influencer)
  • Business and political outreach
  • Cricket enthusiast, sports, and education ambassador
  • International students’ spokesperson
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Community engagement
  • Accomplished networker

With an experience of organising over 50+ events in a short span of 3 years, Gurnam shares a vision of strengthening the Australia India bilateral ties. He strongly believes that we as individuals can never do enough, but together we can certainly do more and better.