Who we Are

Established in 2018, Australian Indian Sports, Educational and Cultural Society (AISECS) aims to promote and strengthen the bilateral ties between Australia and India in priority sectors of sports, education, and culture. The choice of these sectors is strategic, as it sits at the very core of community participation and are also identified as key sectors of engagement for bolstering bilateral ties in Australia’s India Economic Strategy Report 2035.

AISECS is a platform to promote cultural exchange and dialogue, to influence and inspire, and to create impact between Australia and India. We work at the intersection of business, politics, and sports, all driven by the robustness of COMMUNITY and their shared stories. With our involved engagement with stakeholders at federal and state governments, businesses, and the diaspora, AISECS connects people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities, to make things happen.



AISECS play a vital role in strengthening bilateral ties which is one of the untapped potentials between community and government bodies of the two countries. We are committed towards bringing a revolution by unlocking rich prospective through socio-economic and cultural progression. Our mission is to foster and facilitate advanced level programs to promote collaboration between Indian and Australian foreign and trade policies.

We pledge to:
Build a stronger multicultural society, diversity and inclusiveness in the world for the present and the future that aims to strengthen up the comradeship. Stand for the right and to raise awareness in both the countries about the latest happenings supportive towards the growing bilateral ties including, trade, investment and tourism.


AISECS is an active voice with strong advocate of integration and development between Australia and India through sports, educational and cultural exchange programs. Both India and Australia are two of the world’s most cohesive, multicultural societies and we are dedicated to make our events a better experience for the society. AISECS believes to give direct assistance to migrant residents by mentoring them on their journey towards embracing to the new culture and environment and adapt the transition smoothly. We encourage everyone to create a sustainable future through unity and harmony.