Understanding the adverse effects due to current health situation #covid-19, AISECS released a short survey form to be filled by international students so that we can reach out to them with the resolution. We hereby attach the link, kindly fill the form if you haven’t filled it before and please do not forget to add the postcode so people residing near your area can reach out for your support.

Clearly, the pandemic has caused a tremendous level of stress for everyone. Yet the stress on international students is significantly greater than on all others in Australia. Their families must not only be concerned about their child’s studies but also that they could become infected with COVID-19 during their travel. International students not only have to worry about their own well-being, but they also have huge amount of stress for the safety and health of their families in their home countries. 

We understand some may be looking to return their countries but one has to cross many barriers to travel like restricted flights, financial crunch, lockdowns etc. Most importantly, students are worried about being unable to return due to the travel bans.

Given the situation, it’s obvious many of the International students must be experiencing mental stress and anxieties. During such a crisis, everyone looks out to their families for strength and emotional support; however, this cannot be the case with these students.

Keeping the whole situation in mind, AISECS has prepared the urgent and most required list of contacts for you. And understanding the need of the hour, we request you to please copy this list in your cell phones and keep it in reach so that nobody faces any kind of anxieties if needed in urgency:

For Education related queries:

Australian Universities are playing an important role in supporting their international students who are facing financial and mental distress. So if your queries are related with your courses, the first point of contact should be your institutions/universities.

Visit International Student Welfare Services Hub for any kind of concerns related to your institutions

Department of Educationwhere you will find all the tips for teachers and parents to keep students learning from homes

To seek Medical Assistance in case of cough, fever recurrence or any other symptoms of covid-19:

Call 24*7 helpline Health direct 1800 022 222

For any health emergency, visit

OTHER ESSENTIAL CONTACTS: For latest updates and alerts on covid-19 across the globe, kindly visit: World Health organization

Get info on your WhatsApp by WHO

Single stop solution for the nation by Government of Australia

(Handbook of all the important websites for governments in Australia)

Get latest updates on Covid-19 by Australian government in your preferred language

For any Grievance, register as MADAD user to Consular Services Management System, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India:

Australian High Commission, New Delhi, India provide details for all the India- Australia related queries

High Commission of India Canberra, Australia which provides almost all the major links for the support of Indian Community:

Get Latest details from India here: Updates from India

Get Latest details from Australia here: Updates from Australia

situation dashboard created by WHO that provides the latest global numbers of Covid-19 on daily basis:

We hope all these emergency websites will be of help not only to our International students but to the whole nation in some or the other way.

AISECS commends all the organizations that are coming out to help the people in the face of crisis. Their support is helping us to work in a coordinated manner to fight the outbreak.

Let’s remind ourselves that we all are in this together.