As we all are well aware of the global health situation due to COVID-19 pandemic, A young student who traveled thousands of miles with high aspirations and eyes filled with dreams to reach the land of opportunities “Australia” is now scared and vulnerable, so AISECS on behalf of International students requested Hon. Prime Minister Scott Morrison to assist all international students with their tuition fee, working hours, financial funding etc.

This is not only one but the story of many anonymous students who reached out to us seeking help with a hope that AISECS will stand to get their voice heard. While you are leading the country and have always stood for the people of the country in tough times, we will not take much of your time but would like to keep some requests in brief on the behalf of our international students, thousands of citizens who came as international students, ex-pats, and the Australian community.

Read official letter to Prime Minister here –  Letter_to_PM

After AISECS sent the letter to Hon. Prime Minster Scott Morrisson, a very positive reply has been received from Prime Minister office for the work they are doing to help everybody in this difficult time.

Read the reply from Prime Minister office – Reply_from_PMO

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